President’s message 

July 1, 2020

Hey to all VCKC members,

We have permission from Saanich to start a Covid Conscious, limited restart to paddling at VCKC. Wahoo! To many of you this is very good news. I also appreciate there will be members that will remain disappointed to know, our big boat programs will continue to be closed. Following our Provincial Government and National & Provincial Sport Organizations, programs that can not maintain proper Physical Distancing guidelines will not be starting up. If and when these governing authorities make changes to the present restrictions, your VCKC Executive will be quick to make application to expand our programs. 

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, it must be understood, COVID-19 is just as contagious and deadly as it ever has been. There is no effective medication or vaccine available at this time. Increasing people contacts, increases the risk of infection. It is probably prudent for each member to consider their situation and the risks involved, before resuming activities at VCKC. 

For those keen to resume paddling, or switch paddling programs, or even begin paddling, we are opening the Canoe, Kayak, Marathon Canoe, and Stand Up Paddleboard Programs this Saturday and Sunday. (July 4, 5)

Before anyone resumes paddling they must receive instruction on some new expected routines to be followed by anyone entering the clubhouse or compound. These new routines have been instituted to reduce the risk of infection for all users of the club’s facilities. All aspects of club activities must adhere to the three tenets of our COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies. 

      Maintain Physical Distancing (2M or 6’)

      Frequent Handwashing (and associated cleaning/sanitizing)

      Self Isolating when required (arriving from high risk areas, any signs of COVID-19 illness, etc.)

Check the club calendar to sign up for the paddling program of your choice. If you are a big boat paddler and feeling left out, now is the time to sign up for a new experience paddling the smaller craft of your choice. Best to bring your own life jacket to reduce the risk of infection (and reduce the chore of cleaning a club PFD)

Marathon will start Saturday at 8:00am and will probably feel very comfortable in the “New Normal”. At Noon the canoe program will begin reviewing the new protocols and end with the opportunity to dip a paddle. From 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.the Kayak program will start up. Be sure to register early as the “New Normal” requires small groups. Sunday, there are three time slots to have groups of 5 check out the club’s new Stand Up Boards, paddling on the Gorge. If you miss the chance to be involved this weekend, contact the program director to make arrangements for your restart at VCKC. 

The executive has put much time and thought into how we can start paddling in a safe fashion. I hope many members will feel comfortable enough to start paddling again. It will be the responsibility of everyone, to do their best at Social Distancing, Washing Their Hands (and associated cleaning), and Self Isolating (when necessary). This will keep our paddling opportunities up and our risk of infection down. 

It has been a pleasure to work with your executive to enable VCKC’s restart. Hopefully we will be able to put our efforts back into paddling rather than pandemics. Thank you for your patience in this. Lots of little steps will take us a long way. This was the biggest step in quite a few months. 

See you soon with a paddle!


Tim Marks

President, VCKC

VCKC COVID Mitigation Plan.pdf

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