President’s message: 

Based on the BC Re-start 4-step Plan

Effective July 4, 2021:

  • ·         OC6 and dragon boat return to full use, participation based on personal comfort level.
  • ·         Big canoe returns with one paddler per seat.
  • ·         Main floor of clubhouse opens, but think of it as a take-out.  Make your tea or coffee and take it out to the deck.  The clubhouse is a very old building with very poor air circulation.  The risk of COVID-19 is much greater indoors where air doesn’t circulate. 
  • ·         Limits to number of people indoors removed.
  • ·         Mask use inside the clubhouse is a matter of personal choice but note that the PHO continues to recommend mask wearing indoors for those not fully vaccinated (fully vaccinated is 14 days after dose 2 of the COVID vaccine).
  • ·         Club sign-in sheets still in use inside the clubhouse but not in compound.
Further easing of restrictions regarding Step 4 of the BC Re-start Plan will be based on communication from the BC government, estimated to be September 7, 2021.

Effective June 9, 2021:

“Field of play” for the club includes on the water, on the dock, on the beach, and inside the compound to facilitate safe moving of boats on and off the water.  BC Re-start Plan:  50 people, contact allowed, on field of play.

  • ·       Tandem canoes back on the water as of today.
  • ·       Limits to participant numbers removed for club trips.
  • ·       Emerging evidence shows that COVID-19 is not transmitted easily through touch so the extra cleaning protocols put in place for equipment (paddles, PFDs, spray skirts) are being discontinued.
  • ·       COVID-19 Cleaning Orientation sessions discontinued.
  • ·       Masks are still required in the clubhouse, but not outside (ie compound, dock, beach). 
  • ·       Field of play does not require masks but since social-distance requires mask-wearing within 2 metres members may feel more comfortable wearing a mask off the water if in close proximity to other members.
  • ·       Basement maximum capacity increases to four people.
  • ·       Limits to number of people in compound and on dock removed.
  • ·       Clubhouse main floor still off-limits based on indoor gathering restrictions.
  • ·       Club sign-in sheets will still be in use for COVID-19 contact tracing.

Further easing of restrictions regarding Step 3 of the BC Re-start Plan will be based on communication from the BC government, estimated to be July 1, 2021.

(Dragon boat and OC6 may resume as early as July 1, 2021 based on BC Re-start Plan Step 3)

Kim Capson, VCKC President 2021


Original Re-opening plan: VCKC COVID Mitigation Plan.pdf

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