"Pandemic" Paddle for the Kids

"Pandemic" Paddle for the Kids

40th Anniversary PPFTK is a GO!

Can't paddle but want to donate? Click here.

Yes VCKC, we WILL be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Paddle for the Kids this year. It's been a challenging year, but we are a resilient bunch, and so are the kids & families we support at Easter Seals. Thanks to the generous support of our members' sponsors, the club typically donates more than $20,000 annually to help the Lions Society in providing opportunities for children with disabilities. 

This year's "Pandemic" Paddle for the Kids will be an event of our combined individual outdoor activities - paddling, walking, running, hiking, cycling (what else are you doing to stay active?!). We will each fundraise as usual, and set a personal activity "distance" goal to complete by the end of the event. As a nod to our event's historical roots, we are encouraging everyone to attempt to complete 45km of activity distance - the equivalent of a 1-way paddle to Port Angeles!  

BC Lion's Society Easter Seals has a brand new website that will allow each of us to sign up for our event and track both our group and individual progress throughout the event. Perhaps you will paddle 3km one day, then hike 5km another day? You'll be well on your way to Port Angeles with 8km completed! 

I am Jana Savage, VCKC VP. Please contact me at vpresident@vckc.ca for more information. I look forward to hearing from you.

To support the BC Lions Club Easter Seal's handicapped children's camp directly here is a link to more information about our event, how to register, and how to donate:

Paddle for the Kids 40th Anniversary

The above link will take you to our Paddle for the Kids webpage, where you can get yourself all set up for tracking both your physical activity travels and your donations/sponsorship! 


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