Sea Kayak Program


2018 kayak courses are on the calendar! We have scheduled two Sea Kayak Basic Skills courses and one Sea Kayak Level 1 course. We will schedule additional courses (at these two levels) if we find that there is enough demand for it within the membership.

The courses are:
Sea Kayak Basic Skills (one day course)
(April 28 and May 6)
Cost: $40
Prerequisites: None

Sea Kayak Level 1 (two day course)
(June 9 & 10)
Cost: $80

Paddle Canada Basic Kayak skills certification or equivalent skill and knowledge at the discretion of the course director. Paddling experience:

  • Five kayaking excursions (2 or 3 hours duration) in class-0 conditions
  • Can execute a controlled wet exit in class-0 conditions
  • Can perform a simple assisted re-entry in class-0 conditions
    To register for any of these courses simply click on the link in the calendar and follow the prompts. You must be a member of VCKC to register for VCKC sanctioned courses.

    Additional News:

    VCKC has approved the purchase of a new (or slightly used) kayak to replace one of our aging kayaks. We will have 5 club kayaks and 1 kayak on loan from Roy Scully (one of the program directors). This allows us to offer kayaks to 6 participants for each course. Some people have their own and are encouraged to use their own for courses.

    The club kayaks saw lots of use in 2017 by members who used them to practice paddle strokes and assisted and self rescues, as well as to enjoy a paddle on the club side of the Tillicum bridge.

    We will be holding periodic Kayak/Canoe meetings this year which will provide opportunities for presentations and for people to meet and perhaps organize paddles with one another.

    See you on the water or at the clubhouse.

    Please contact us with questions or comments.

    Linda Hall/Roy Scully
    Kayak Program Directors
    Got a great idea?  Email us at

    Program Overview

    Our Sea Kayak program offers:

    • both flatwater and ocean-going paddles, and some surf and river.
    • instruction at various levels (reasonably priced).
    • clinics on such topics as rescues, stroke technique, braces, rolling, currents, tides, navigation, chart reading and marine weather.

    The club owns several kayaks that can be used by members for club activities.  Please go to the Club Kayaks page to learn about borrowing club equipment.

    The kayak program meets, jointly with the canoe program, on the 3rd Monday of each month from September to May inclusive (except in December) to plan courses and events. The kayak library of books and DVD's is available at these meetings. We usually have a guest speaker who discusses some aspect of sea kayaking, or the outdoors.

    A paddler contact list is being developed that will be a useful resource to assist members in meeting like-minded kayakers to paddle with. 

    Please check out the calendar and the current newsletter to find out about upcoming events and speakers.

     All VCKC programs are run by volunteers. Please consider volunteering within the club.

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