Wildlife in the Gorge

VCKC sits within the Victoria Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary.  We have the very great privilege of seeing many species of birds on their way through this lovely area, as well as birds who stay year-round or just over-winter here.  Paddling in Colquitz is off-limits year-round as it is too narrow and too shallow and paddling does damage to the shore, and to the biofilm on the bottom.

In addition to what is on the water, there is very abundant life below.  Our efforts to help clean the waterway of garbage has had an affect on the return of healthy plants and wildlife in the water.  

More information can be found on the CRD site.

Fun things can be found at the Gorge Nature House, including the opportunity to explore the touch pool that contains lots of interesting local sea creatures.

While the McKenzie interchange was under construction a lot had to be repaired at Cuthbert Holmes Park.  An incredible amount of work was done to repair and update the riparian zone and it is an absolutely beautiful walk through the updated area.

For additional information on the historical aspect of the Tillicum narrows check out this article.  

And another historical article here with more information on the story of Camosun. 


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