Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Program


Welcome toe VCKC's new Stand Up Paddle Board Program.

Please stand by. We're just getting things set up.

In the meantime, if you have questions, comments, suggestions, please get in touch with me.

I'm James Roorda and you can contact me at   

Program Overview

Watch this space!

Upcoming SUP events

    • 22 Oct 2020
    • 5:30 PM (PDT)
    • VCKC Compound
    • 6

    This session is designed to provide members with information on how the new protocol will impact their access to the clubhouse, compound and equipment. It is a requirement to participate in any VCKC events and courses. At the time of the orientation you will have the opportunity to sign the new waiver. A waiver must be signed by each family member if yours is a family membership and any family member who will use equipment or access the clubhouse needs to attend a session.

    Please bring a face masks as for some parts of the session social distancing is less than the recommended 2 meters. You are all asked to bring hand sanitizer to use after you have touched items in the clubhouse.

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