Club Officers and Directors 2022
(as confirmed at the AGM on August 10, 2022)

Officers President Kim Capson
  Vice-President Jana Savage-Cain
  Treasurer Donna Sainsbury (Acting*)
Katrina White
  Past President Tim Marks
Directors or Activities Coordinators Big Canoe
Elizabeth Martinson
Canoe Louise de Montigny
  Dragon Boat Jana Savage-Cain
  Sea Kayak Wade Martinson
  Marathon Canoe Peter Elson
  Outrigger  Tony Hopkin
  Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)
James Roorda
  Education, Standards, Safety Britt Kohn
  House/Grounds Maintenance Sandy Rattray
  Membership Debi LaHaise
  Storage Gord Evans  
Directors at Large Director 1 Ellie James
   Director 2Lynda Purcell
Board Appointed Newsletter Editor David Johnson
  Webmaster Arthur Caldicott
* VCKC is holding a Special General Meeting on 01 September 2022 to review and vote on the Special Resolutions Proposed Bylaws. A motion is also included in that meeting agenda to confirm the Treasurer position.
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