Small Outriggers: OC1 & OC2

VCKC owns a great selection of small Outrigger canoes.

All small Outriggers are in Rack D in the compound.

Yellow plastic OC1s (outrigger canoe, one person). The indestructable starter outrigger. Boats numbered OC-01 and OC-02 are kept in storage spots OC-01 and OC-02.

The Hurricanes. Set the standard for fast and versatile. Must be set-up, handled, and disassembled with care. Special handing training is required. Boat #OC-03 in storage spot OC-03, and #OC-07 in spot OC-07.

Scorpius SX, Green, #OC-04 in spot OC-04.

Scorpius SX, Black & grey, #OC-05 in spot OC-05.

Scorpius SX, Olive green & black, #OC-06 in spot OC-06.

OC2. 2 person outrigger. Not currently in service. To the right of Rack D.

V1. (OC1 without a rudder). Also to the right of the rack. Coming soon.

Before members can use any of the small outriggers, they must take the OC1 Introduction Course and have the authorization of the Marathon Canoe and Small OCs director. 

If you are a member, to reserve and use any OCs on your own, click here:
Book an OC1/OC2 Outrigger Canoe

Photo shows the Outrigger storage in Rack D in the outdoor compound

Small Outrigger Canoes in their storage locations.

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