Club Kayaks

VCKC has kayaks that are available to members for club courses and approved paddles at no charge. All kayaks come with a PFD, whistle, paddle, pump and throw line.  When not scheduled for club event use, these boats are also available to members for personal use on the Gorge Waterway on the club side of the Tillicum Bridge. 

Please note you must be a current VCKC member in order to use club kayaks. If you are not a member, you can join online by clicking the JOIN US tab at the top of this page. Members must have completed the Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Basic Skills course, or have equivalent skills and must paddle with a buddy in order to use the club kayaks or take part in club sanctioned paddles.  

If you are interested in borrowing a club kayak, please refresh yourself on the VCKC policies on the use of club equipment now before proceeding.

If you plan to register for a course, workshop or club paddle, please come to this page to review the guidelines for use of a club kayak before registering if you want a club kayak to use for that event. The trip leader or instructor for the event will determine how best to transport club kayaks to the launch site after reviewing the number of requests for that event.  

Instructors and trip leaders will organize use of club kayaks, on an event by event basis based on the number of requests, for club paddles, classes and workshops at their convenience and discretion. 

All kayaks are primarily for club paddles, events and courses.  When not needed for scheduled activities, kayaks are available for use by members for recreational paddling west of Tillicum Bridge only on the Gorge and Portage Inlet waterways, with at least 2 kayaks in the group, and each paddler having satisfied VCKC of their ability to wet exit and perform an assisted rescue, at the discretion of the kayak program director or the booking volunteer.  Any damage or loss to borrowed equipment is the responsibility of the member.

To arrange for the use of a club kayak email the kayak booking volunteer at:

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