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Program Overview

Vancouver Island is a great place to paddle a canoe, with many paddling opportunities on lakes, oceans and rivers. The goal of the Canoe Program is to help members achieve the safe paddling skills needed, wherever their interests lie.  To achieve this goal, the Canoe Program offers canoe courses to build new skills, leads Club Day-Trips on lakes, ocean and rivers to practice those new skills, and organizes monthly paddling presentations for members to meet and share paddling experiences with other members. 

Entry level canoe courses are the Basic Lakewater Tandem and Solo courses, which are offered in the spring and fall. More advanced courses for Lakewater, Moving Water and Ocean Canoeing are also offered in the spring.  New this year is a Canoe Tripping course and a Canoe Tripping Leader course. Canoe Poling courses are also  offered if there is interest. For more information about these courses, please see the Canoe Courses link.  If you want to suggest a new course or canoe trip, please send me an email.  

Club Day-trips are led by experienced club members once or twice a month. Participating in a Club Day-trip is a great way to gain paddling experience. Prior to joining a club trip you must have completed a minimum of RCABC Lakewater Basic Tandem certification for flatwater, and Tandem Moving Water for river trips.  The Canoe Program has a small fleet of canoes for training and use for Club Day Trips but we do not rent canoes.  For more information about Club Day-Trips, please see the link.

Paddling Presentations are held once a month in winter and spring. These social evenings provide a place to meet other canoe enthusiasts and guest speakers share photos and stories of trips they have been on.  All VCKC members and friends are invited.  Please see the Canoe Event Calendar for dates and times.

VCKC is a volunteer-run organization. Thank you to all our instructors, Day-trip leaders and Paddling Presentations speakers who make this club such a great place to learn to paddle this beautiful province.

Check out this link for Greenwood Canoes.

Program Leader

Louise de Montigny
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