Outrigger Program


2018 Wake Up the Gorge

Saturday, April 14 2018 and 
  Sunday, April 15, 2018

Wake Up The Gorge is the VCKC club's annual weekend of racing for OC6 Outrigger canoes and Small Boats. 

Go to WUTG page for full details: Wake Up the Gorge (WUTG)


Program Overview

The Outrigger program offers both recreational and competitive ocean paddling opportunities. VCKC has two 6-seat outrigger canoes (OC6) which are used to explore the waters around Victoria, on recreational paddles, and for team training and racing. The club also has two Nalu solo craft (OC1's) that are used primarily for training on the Gorge Waterway. 

Competitive teams train year round for CORA (Canadian Outrigger Racing Association) races. Race distances range from 1 km, flat-water sprints to 35-km open-ocean iron races. Races are held on Vancouver Island, the lower mainland and on Okanagan Lake. Some competitive teams travel as far away as Hawaii to compete.

Paddling, steering, and rigging clinics are offered through the year. Teams also regularly practice the art of righting capsized canoes: huli-pu. Program meetings are held, as needed, to plan events.

Practice Schedule and Boat Usage

Our teams practice regularly for fitness, recreation and race preparations; the practice schedule is updated on a monthly basis. Changes to the schedule may be requested by contacting the Outrigger Director.

To learn more about outrigger paddling opportunities at VCKC, please contact the Outrigger Program Director at outrigger@vckc.ca.

Special Events

Wake Up the Gorge: Our springtime event offers two heats of 1000 meters in two lanes around one buoy at 500 meters. Each team's time total will result in awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the various categories.                                 

Outrigger Guidelines

We strongly recommend that you read both:

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