Wake Up The Gorge (WUTG) 2023

2024 Wake Up the Gorge (WUTG)

VCKC organized the first “Wake Up The Gorge” (WUTG) race in March 1999.These races were not limited to outrigger canoes: voyageur canoe sprints, recreational canoe racing and marathon canoe racing were also included. It was the Gorge Regatta come to life again. The first outrigger races had eight teams, most local.

The second WUTG race attracted 28 teams from Vancouver, Kamloops and Bellingham. It was extended to two days to include marathon and solo (OC1) outrigger races. Cooperation between the clubs meant that more boats and more rescue skiffs were available. OC1 races were added and the event extended through to Sunday for the smaller boat races.

Since then, WUTG has been a regular fixture on the CORA race calendar. It is usually held in April.

In 2023, WUTG was held on March 25-26 (OC6 on the 25th and small boats on the 26th).

2023 Race Results


Day 1: OC6 RACE RESULTS (link)


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