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Club Paddle - Chemainus Delta

  • 19 Jan 2020
  • 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Meet at the Clubhouse

The timing of this trip to the Chamainus or Cowichan Deltas is dictated by the environment - in this case, the tides. There is a high tide of 11.2'/3.4 m at 11.25 am on Sunday 19th January, and that is the highest tide around mid-day that the area will see until December 2020. So a paddle to the Chemainus or Cowichan deltas and exploring the wetlands in these areas is best done now if it is to be done at all this season.

These delta trips include some coastal paddling on the ocean as well as some stretches in easy moving water as we paddle up creeks. But they are suitable for anyone who has taken the Basic Lakewater tandem canoe course or the Intro kayak courses. This will be a full day trip, including the driving, probably 4 hours or so on the water. 

Bring food and drink for the day - no cafes, pubs or restaurants en route - as well as a complete change of clothing in a waterproof container - just in case.

Also dress for the forecast weather. At this time of year, it is sensible to assume that it is quite likely to rain and that it will be cool. At present, the forecast is for temperatures around 6-7C. If the forecasts show  winds over 10knots, the trip will either be cancelled, or, more likely, the paddling area will be moved to somewhere more sheltered such as Tod Inlet.

All boats must have the equipment specified by Transport Canada in the Safe Boating Guide - PFD/Lifejacket with a whistle or other sound-makingn device; a 15m heaving line, a bailer or pump. Club rules require a spare paddle per boat and, for canoes, painters at bow and stern.

Meet at the Clubhouse at 8.30am to pick up equipment and arrange ride-sharing.

If you need to borrow a Club canoe or kayak, contact the Canoe Program director canoe@vckc.ca or kayakbooking@vckc.com

If you need a partner for a tandem canoe, we will do our best to find you one.

Please let me know by the evening of Friday 17th January if you plan to take part.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Alan Thomson at 3135thom@islandnet.com or call at 250-812-3799 (C); 250-592-4179(H)

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