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End Of December COVID-19 Mitigation Changes

29 Dec 2020 2:00 PM | Anonymous

End Of December 2020 COVID-19 Mitigation Changes.

Regrettably I must inform all members, to comply with current provincial protocols to combat the spread of COVID-19:

  • VCKC members must not paddle or meet in groups larger than two persons. 
  • All paddle craft must be paddled solo (unless a tandem canoe is paddled by members of one household). 
  • Masks must be worn at all times in and around the clubhouse/compound/dock area. 
  • Physical distancing remains at the increased distance of 3M (10’) 
  • Groups in or around the clubhouse/compound/dock area must be no greater than two persons.

We must also acknowledge the Provincial restrictions of traveling outside our home areas. It might be helpful to think of where would you be taken if you needed medical assistance? If you would not be taken by ambulance to the hospital closest to your home you are probably traveling farther than the Provincial Health Officers orders intend.

The other components of our mitigation plan continue to be of vital importance. Hand washing, including cleaning equipment and touch points are key. As well as isolating when feeling symptoms of the virus and avoiding high risk areas and situations.

There will be continued province wide assessment of mitigation strategies and I expect more information January 8th. We can only hope these strict measures will be having the desired effect.

Thank you for your cooperation in these matters.
Looking for good times to come. Soon!

Tim Marks
President, VCKC

Click here for the complete VCKC COVID Mitigation Plan from June 2020 and this December 2020 update

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