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Send an email to the Canoe Program Director, David Dorosz.

Program Overview

The canoe program offers both moving and flat-water day trips. We try to run the two kinds of paddling on alternate weekends so that members can take part in both. River trips are scheduled from September to May (water level permitting) on various rivers of Southern Vancouver Island. Flatwater day trips are run every second weekend, alternating Saturdays and Sundays to allow members who work on weekends a chance to take part. These trips are usually run from September to June, other commitments permitting (courses, regattas, etc).

At least one weekend camping trip is run each year, on the Mother’s Day weekend; others may be scheduled if requested.

The skill levels of paddlers who wish to go along on a trip will be reviewed before a member is allowed to take part.

Check out this link for Greenwood Canoes.


Canoe Program meetings are usually held on the evening of the third Monday or Tuesday of every month (excluding July and August) to plan trips and instruction courses, as well as to discuss interests and concerns specific to the Canoe Program. Entertainment for these meetings includes a presentation on canoeing or canoeing related activity following the business part of the meeting.

Program Leader

David Dorosz
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