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Welcome to the Victoria Canoe & Kayak Club!  


• Single Membership - Individual

• Family Membership - 1 or 2 co-parents and their dependents (under 19) residing at the same domicile

Annual membership term: Jan 1 - Dec 31: Single $70, Family $100

Please note: a Release, Waiver, and Indemnity Agreement must be read and acknowledged by each member as part of the initial membership application and then renewed each year when membership dues are paid.

The Club's Privacy Policy must also be read and accepted by members.

Courses are required for canoe and kayak and they are offered in the spring and fall usually. Use of club equipment is included in the membership fees.

Opportunities to Socialize and volunteer:

Cleanups in spring and fall require lots of help. In the spring we conduct a cleanup of the Gorge waterway, taking our big boats out and scouring the nooks and crannies for anything that doesn’t belong in the water. In the spring and fall we do a thorough cleanup of the house and grounds. Everyone brings along their own cleaners, garden tools, etc, and helps give the clubhouse and grounds a thorough cleaning.

Spring: we send a couple of our big canoes over to the beach across the way and give rides to the kids at the Rotary Picnic.

Peninsula Paddle for the Kids: a fundraiser for Camp Shawnigan. It’s a one-day, 75km paddle in our big canoes from Brentwood Bay around the peninsula and back through the harbour to the clubhouse. It takes the whole day but we paddle in shifts. There are 3-4 full-day paddles to get us going in the weeks prior. Sometimes we paddle out to Race Rocks, Maple Bay to Genoa Bay, Sooke Harbour. On the final day we finish with a potluck at the clubhouse. This is an amazing event and what a feeling rounding past Ogden Point into the harbour in those big canoes for the final leg!

We host a couple of races and we always need volunteers to help them run smoothly.

Canada Day: we take a couple of big canoes and the dragon boat down to the beach at Craigflower bridge and give rides to the public for a twonie. Our child-sized PFDs go down to 20 pounds and we have some pretty short paddles for those little ones! Money raised goes to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Summer:   We organize club day trips and some multi-day camping trips.

In December we organize a lighted boat Christmas parade and paddle around the upper Gorge. Hot chocolate and candy canes are given out at the clubhouse.

Club Trips, Talks, and Courses

The club runs a number of trips, talks, and courses each year. Information can be found on the club calendar and in the newsletter. 

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Please review the Waiver , Privacy Policy, and Code of Conduct 
then we will take you to the Membership Application!

VCKC, November 30, 2022

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